Midwest Monopoly

by The Bravest Little Toaster

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Home recordings.


released February 7, 2015



all rights reserved


The Bravest Little Toaster Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Roadkill
I first saw you drawing roadkill on my desk
When I asked you said it made the place feel more festive
I took you to the park and to the vet
Then they made you put your dog down and you cried, "Those Bastards."

We both chose to ignore each others flaws
Your stubbornness my inhibition, our refusal to make good decisions
We're both to close to death and much to raw
Breaking down outside of kmarts, breaking up because of nothing

Making out in front of exes
Staring into tattoo parlors
Long nights at the cineplexes
Cussing out your new step father

I"m sorry that you love this asshole back
And I know you wish we both had more control
Over stupid things we say and feel and lack
Overall our love take its toll
We're too young to live and die together old
Track Name: Salt
I didn't read what I was suppose to
I spent last night starring at the ceiling of a room that wasn't mine

And sleeping in a bigger bed is lonelier
I don't like how my arms and legs can breathe
I prefer the cramped warmth and security

Smoke another cigarette
I put the last one out with my old shoes my girl used to draw on
Now there stained white with salt from the parking lot

Walk around this decaying graveyard how is it I feel so connected to these lives I never knew?
It's a shame I can't be buried here someday on account of my tattoo
Track Name: Lucky Strike (For Bob)
I'll never be the comfort
you lost when you were nine or so
I can't fill those big of holes
but you knew that about me

I never want to wake up
live in your fake memory
I want to wake up in your bed
Very scared
Pushing through the bullshit
and working up the nerve to speak

I'll never fix your car
or find you another dead end job
So lets lay on this carpeted floor
and draw with crayons
Track Name: Not A Gem
I'm sure I have a rock in my shoe
Just another in a series of minor issues
I seem to collect like some Star Trek ship from 1972

And I don't wanna go outside
Because my allergies and the pesticides
Make the air strangle me, what would the corner think? Most likely suicide

The most romantic thing that I think I have ever seen are two skeletons found in an old grave side by side and kissing

I'm not a gem, I'm an old rock someone found
Interesting enough to through in a drawer and unexplainably keep around

Be a big boy finish your cigarette
Then maybe you can have dessert
After that I'll take you shopping, buy you more obscure ironic T-Shirts

I'm the mostly self sustaining
At times self deprecating
Most likely self destructing
Bad-ass robot you've ever seen
I'm Schwarzenegger, fresh from his trailer, oiled up and trigger happy.