All I Really Wanna Be

by The Bravest Little Toaster

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released June 16, 2015



all rights reserved


The Bravest Little Toaster Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: All I Really Wanna Be
Well I'd love to be an astronaut
Cataloging every star,
But I feel like I'd run out of names
After the first couple hundreds of times
I use yours

I'd love to be a famous playwright,
But every play of mine would end the same way
A sappy, loving, unrealistic ending
Like Romeo and Juliet made it out alive and safe

And I'd love to be a well known artist
Move oceans of people with one single stroke of paint,
But even then nobody would ever really get my paintings, except the muse behind every single move I made

But all I really wanna be is, yours
All I really wanna be is, yours
Track Name: The Greatest
The greatest love song ever written
Was probably throw away without a second revision
The insecurity over ink, made that persons decision

The most beautiful love song ever sung,
Was probably whispered and not very long
A quiet melody never heard, but full of love

The greatest love letters are never sent
The most passionate speeches are never given

Let's all agree
The world doesn't need another pail face or a pair of shaky knees
So lets sing the songs we've never sung
And write love letters till our hands get numb
And let the ones we know we love, know that they are loved
Track Name: Flannel
I had a dream last night you're eyes were upset with me and bleeding
I think it's all this Edgar Allen poetry you've got me reading

I gave you my old flannel shirt
You tied it up around your waste
You looked so cute and southwestern
That it made me not miss those old grunge days

And in 50 or 60 years or so
We will live in a retirement home on the west coast
Where the pacific meets the sand
And I will surely lose my mind first
And you will stay sharp as a tac
And I will not remember either of our names,
But I will still love holding your hand
Oh, I will still love holding your hand